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"In 1983, I started working in a textile factory called Conveste – this factory made nappies for babies for Mothercare. I was taking care of the commercial department, and was also very much involved with the sampling and production. It was a great experience, being part of this production factory and respect the tough work behind the scene.


In1985 worked for In Wear - Matinique, doing all the production of the fabrics for wovens, jerseys, knitwear, prints, etc. then in a later stage, the development of these same the fabrics for all the collections.

Maria do Céu Pinheiro - CEO in MCPR

Later in 1990 was offered a job at Levi’s as a MerchandiserManager, taking care of all the development and production for Levi´s Germany, which was for me a challenge - had under my responsability 1 million units per year developed and produced in several products by our contractors.


In July 1999, started my on office from scratch and gave the name of MCPR - Textile Business Partner. It was difficult in the beginning, but through investing fully in human capital and the continuous development of our strong technical knowledge, help us to write our path to the success. Today we continue to build enduring business relationships based on mutual trust and confidence".

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